Beware of masked faces.
Be aware of Sincere souls.

Beware of thorny ways.
Be aware of silent success.

Beware of fatal mistakes.
Be aware of each step.

For ours is a world to be wary of.

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Who gives you strength?
Who gives you power?
Who showers wisdom?
Who’s the greatest?

Who’s the master?
Who’s behind your success?
Who helps at needy hours?
Who’s the most powerful?

Never a say its you.
Never a stringent master
His ways divine
He is the almighty.

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A beautiful mind you have,
A delight to be near you,
Your strength to reckon despair.
Infectious laughter ,giving hours of bliss
Hope for a hopeless heart.
A tender touch for the weeping soul
Wiping away worries, in ways wonderful
Sure, a perfect companion
Showers of rain,after a sunny day
A rainbow,after the shower
That’s what i feel,
When I’am with you,
My friend ! My joy.

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Drenching with sweat,our wish is rain
Having rain,we wish for warmth
On sunny days,our wish is shade
In a desert,We crave water
Having water,our wish is champagne

We desire wealth
Once rich,we want; oh ! more
Our feelings, never satisfied
Craving ever!

Human nature; An enigma
Bewitched by glitters
Curse of many lives
Desires; cause of troubles

Wars created in the same way
For death and bloodshed,
No tear drops.
Unmoved,unaffected,men heap wealth
They care not for others nor their pain
Will this night ever cease?

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